Homo Irrationalis - Karol Cysewski

Homo Irrationalis - Karol Cysewski

Karol Cysewski’s funny and physical show, Homo Irrationalis, is back after its 2015 premiere. The show is booking into small-mid scale venues in Wales, UK and internationally for spring/ summer 2017. Performed by three smart yet idiotic male dancers, Homo irrationalis (Latin: “irrational human”) is a silly and stimulating mission to discover the true nature of humankind. Are we still wise and intelligent Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise human”), or are we becoming Homo irrationalis, displaying ever more erratic and irrational behaviours?

The aim is to examine the nature and degree of saturation of Homo irrationalis within the population. Research suggests this new species could make Homo sapiens extinct by the end of this century. Are you one of these new hominoid beings, or are you still sapient? Is Homo Irrationalis a progressive or regressive evolutionary development? And are the researchers themselves still “wise humans”, or have they too become “irrational” beings?

Choreographer - Karol Cysewski’s

Cast - Ygal Jerome Tsur, Christopher Owen and Hugh Stanier

Music - Sion Orgon

Costume Design - Angharad Matthews.

Creative consultant - Deborah Light

Producer - Laura Drane.

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