Persephone - Dancing with the Shadows

Persephone - Dancing with the Shadows

The performance is a descent into a world of shadows and phantoms and takes the Greek myth of Persephone as its core inspiration. The narrative alludes to the cyclical nature of life-death and to the idea of resurrection, questioning what it means to embrace death-in-life. The audience is invited into a world where they encounter non-linear storytelling, deeply atmospheric soundscapes and striking imagery shown through the grotesque nature of the ensemble and shadow play.

On stage there are five rectangular wooden frames. Covered in cloth they show shadowed shapes, consequently acting as a backdrop to the projected media of ink in water. They are the stage set and stage partners whilst being objects. The boxes can be moved throughout the play creating images and sceneries. The performers move with, through and in them.

After sharing the 20-minute piece with an audience in India, Berta del Ben, Matteo Carpi, Ainhoa Hevia Uria, Niall Fallon, Angharad Matthews and Julia Vandehof are currently devising a full-length version of the Performance. The Premiere will be in Spring 2020.

2018 ADA Studios 10 times 6 Festival Berlin

2018 English Theatre Expat Explore Festival Berlin

2019 Whilst Walking Theatre Touring Festival India (United Arts Foundation Bangalore, TIFA Pune, Castiko Space Mumbai, UP 80 Agra, Delhi , Padatik Kalkutta)

Directed by Julia Vandehof

Created and performed by Berta del Ben, Niall Fallon, Ainhoa Hevia Uria, Angharad Matthews, Julia Vandehof

Music and Video support by Matteo Carpi

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