Second Skin

Second Skin

Second Skin is a performance installation project that began its R & D stage 1 at Chapter Arts Centre in August 2012. Supported by The Arts Council Wales and the Emerging artists Scheme with Volcano Theatre.

Working with latex as the core material, the project is an exploration into the many skins we wear and shed and how these 'skins' inform and map the story our body is trying to tell.

The project undertakes a research process which unables the exploration of dance and movement within the context of design led performance art. It explores the relationship between costume, performer and environment to create a richly layered performance landscape.

Second Skin Exhibition phase 2 - showing at Art in the Warehouse at Milgis Cardiff opening 1st March 2013

Further development of the project will begin in spring 2020

Creation, Design, Performance - Angharad Matthews

Photography - Warren Orchard Photography

Film - Simon Clode Films

Light sensor exploration - Myles Leadbetter

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