Souvenirs of a killing - Company of Sirens

Souvenirs of a killing - Company of Sirens

After Last years 'Twelve Cabins Twelve Vacancies' inspired by Hitchcock's Iconic Film 'Psycho', Souvenirs of a Killing inspired by Vertigo, is a further exploration into the connections we make between personal tragedy and art. How art directly mirrors life.

People often look to return to a previous state, a state where they believed things were happier or at least simpler. They mourn the past and often visit the literal remains of fantasy.

Souvenirs of a Killing, investigates how grief can be felt with the loss of something you never really owned. The loss of a dream or desire that can psychologically leave a person bereft.

The first stage of development will be performer at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales

19th and 20th June 2020

Created and performed by - Chris Durnall, Angharad Matthews

Writer/Mentor - Lucy Gough

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