Twelve Cabins Twelve Vacancies

Twelve Cabins Twelve Vacancies


How much do we really know each other, even those we love?

TWELVE CABINS TWELVE VACANCIES interlinks personal tragedy with the events of Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal sixties horror classic PSYCHO.

“Dad died during the first broadcast of Psycho on network TV. Earlier that evening it had been scorching hot in the back yard. There was no breeze. I was 12. And I knew.” At the same time Marion stepped into the shower. This is the moment”

Blending memory with poetic imagery COMPANY OF SIRENS new piece TWELVE CABINS TWELVE VACANCIES traces Marion Crane’s journey to the Bates motel and one boy’s entry into a world where things don’t remain the same and where foundations shake.

Written, conceived, directed and performed by Chris Durnall with Angharad Matthews, and original music by Rhys Anderson, TWELVE CABINS TWELVE VACANCIES is about the nature of loss and how events are captured and treasured in the memory.

Tuesday 11th June at 8.30 and Wednesday 12th June at 6.30 and 8.00

Chapter Theatre, Market Road, Canton Cardiff, Wales

Writer - Chris Durnall

Devised and Performed by - Chris Durnall and Angharad Matthews

Lighting - Dan Young

Costume/Set Design - Angharad Matthews

Photography - Warren Orchard, Noel Dacey

Copyright © 2022 Angharad Matthews